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About Me
I am Carin Nel and I am a Swimming Instructor in Stellenbosch.
I have been teaching for 30 years.

My Vision 'I believe that kids who don't swim are deprived and this is not only my opinion! Researchers have found that structured swimming lessons given in early youth create a "superoir" child by the time he reaches school-going age.' Arlene Williams

Dit is goed vir 'n jong swemmer om, sodra hy waterveilig is, die korrekte swemstyle aan te leer. Deur te lank te wag, kan hulle verkeerde gewoontes aanleer. Indien 'n kind korrek kan swem, gee dit vir hom/haar selfvertroue in ander areas van sy lewe.

I used to teach babies watersafety from as early as a few months with great success; but for the last few years I've focused on style and stroke-correction for children who are water-confident. Usually from the age of 6 years.
I cannot emphasize enough what the benefits of swimming are! From improving coordination, muscle tone, breathing, and posture, to discipline, fitness and just having great fun!

Since July 2012 I started teaching in a new, heated, indoor pool. (10M)

I had the privilege to be taught how to swim by Frank Grey. (He was the the coach of our Olympic champ Karen Muir in the 60's.) Being a pupil at Oranje Girls's School from 1st to 12th grade and always training with the amazing Joan Abrams and Santa van Jaarsveld encouraged my love for swimming. When I felt the need to teach my own three kids to swim correctly and enjoy water I did a course in Theory and Technique of Swimming at the University of the Freestate. For the last 27 years I've been teaching young ones privately to become their very own best in the pool.

What I Offer

Baby Swimming

The earlier you start the better! Babies swim for 9 months prior to birth and then we teach them to fear water, once they're born! Therefore we welcome your baby from 6 months up. To enroll in our baby swimming groups please contact Junine → / 0723625878

Learn to Swim

Once a child is watersafe: i.e.when he is able to jump in and come back out safely!Then follows the next step. Usually at the age of 4-5 yrs, we provide lessons to prepare swimmers for stroke swimming. Age appropriate exercises and games are used to work toward Freestyle etc.

Stroke Techniques

From around 5yrs and up swimmers may be ready to learn the different strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. I may also teach them a tumbleturn and gala-dive if they're heading for more serious swimming. I only take 2 swimmers at a time to ensure individual attention. Lessons are 20 minutes at least once a week.

Training / Stamina

Once swimmers are competent in all the strokes; they may join my small training groups. In these groups of 4 swimmers they will swim once (or more times as desired) a week for 30minutes at a time. Here they can build some stamina while I will always be finetuning the strokes to ensure best use of energy and promote speed.



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